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About Maximus

Maximus is a privately owned development and investment property company established in 2001. It is built on solid experience, a clear vision of excellence and has a proven track record in delivering success.

The success of Maximus is based on the implementation of a strategy refined over many years. Our approach is simple, we look at how we can best add value to a property or site.

This strategy involves a unique approach to site acquisition. We understand the challenges associated with infrastructure and planning and are committed to sustainable development. We evaluate each opportunity on its merits and pride ourselves in being quick and decisive. We then work to release and maximise the value through the planning process.

Beyond this Maximus possesses a wealth of development experience, a deep understanding of the intricacies of property financing and sensitivity to the needs of both tenants, investors and landowners. Working with people who have worked through the highs and lows of the economic cycle Maximus is well placed to identify opportunities whatever the market conditions.

Our ability to bring together and manage specialist teams for complex or sensitive schemes is often the crucial factor in delivering a successful outcome. It is the close relationships we have maintained with agents, tenants, banks, institutions and local authorities that has enabled us to survive the recent downturn in the market.

We are continually assessing our position in the market. Together with our deep understanding of current market conditions we are able to take immediate advantage of investment and development opportunities that meet our strict criteria for long term growth.